Our Process

RMD will provide optimal treatment plans in a timely manner for the benefit of the patient. A seamless process will be established between the clinical staff and physicians to improve workflow efficiency. RMD will provide support outside of normal business hours to ensure all clinic needs are met.

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  • Meet with one of our RMD representatives to establish an understanding of your clinic’s dosimetry coverage needs.
  • Establish a service agreement that is most beneficial to your clinic.
  • Form a payment model that is best suited for your clinic’s needs.
  • RMD has a preset payment model that is paid both on a per-plan and hourly basis. With the clinic’s interest at best, we believe our payment model is the most cost effective.
  • Our service agreements are not an ongoing contractual agreement. This allows clinics to use our service at their convenience.
  • Keeping your clinic’s information protected is very important to us at RMD.
  • Establish a BAA HIPAA agreement.
  • Set up a HIPAA compliant connection to your clinic’s treatment planning computers via an encrypted connection.
  • RMD is willing to work with your clinic’s IT department to establish a secure remote connection.
  • For RMD’s services to be provided as efficiently as possible, our dosimetrists would like to establish an understanding of your clinic’s current workflow.
  • Every clinic is different, therefore, it is important for us at RMD to ensure we maintain the current onsite workflow.
  • We believe that our site specific dedicated dosimetrists will be able to adapt very quickly to your onsite clinical objectives and goals.
  • We are here to serve your team.
  • We believe at RMD we can build valuable partnerships to ensure your clinic is capable of performing at its highest level.
  • Our team at RMD can make a positive impact on patients with our dosimetry services.

Treatment planning
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Generate Plan

Physician Reviewal/Approval

Secondary Checks


Treatment Ready


How Remote Medical Dosimetry Works

  • Establish an understanding of your clinic’s needs and desired treatment planning services.
  • Contracts established through RMD are priced on a per-plan basis or an hourly rate. Pricing varies depending on treatment technique, plan complexity, and treatment site.
  • Establish a HIPAA compliant remote connection.
  • RMD will provide a Certified Medical Dosimetrist to meet your clinic treatment planning needs.

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